Science Fair will be Thursday, March 12

Students bring everything by 8:30 am on Thursday, March 12th.  They will present to the judges in the morning during school.  

Science Fair Open to Everyone at 6 pm in the Cafeteria.  Students will stand next to their projects to share and answer questions.  Awards are at 6:30 pm in the Sanctuary.

It’s time for the Science Fair.  I hope you find this page helpful. 

I have uploaded all the Science Fair Packets to save money on copies.  I have included important due dates as well as helpful website links.  Lastly, I included a template for you to download to your computer to help students write their Science Fair Research Papers, which I will grade. 

Grades 3 and 4 are allowed to create models instead of completing an experiment.

Judges will determine who gets gold, silver, and bronze medals in each class, but I will grade the research paper.  This project will count as a test grade in science.  We will have a little time to work on the paper in class, but most of the project will need to be completed at home.  If you have any questions, please have your child ask me or contact me yourselves.  Also, you can have your child bring in a flash drive with the paper saved to it if you have questions or need help with something in the paper.

Due Dates:

  • Monday, March 2…………..Experiment Completed
  • Thursday, March 12………Science Fair Paper and Poster


Students should be almost finished with reading the background material for their Science Fair Papers.  I told the students to look for things that are:

  • Interesting
  • Important
  • New (learned)

Students were supposed to write these things on sticky notes.  From these sticky notes, students are to write their introduction, which is the background material for the students’ experiments.  Therefore, students should not mention their experiments or models until the last sentence, which will help to transition to the rest of the paper.

The introductions should be 1-2 pages for middle school students and 1/2 to 1 page for elementary students.