Mrs. Dickerson’s Classroom

Dies Iovis ,XIII Martius MMXX (Thursday, 12 March 2020)

All classes and homework are moved to Moodle……see you there!

Dies Mercuriis,XII Martius MMXX (Wednesday, 11 March 2020)

3/4:  Bible:  none yet this week.  History: none today.  EXTRA CREDIT:  photo of an old factory in your town.  5 points for each photo (even if it’s a blurry drive-by…the point is to look around for them!).  We’ll be studying 1800s manufacturing in the US next.

5/6:  history: read pp 161-164, do wkbk p 94  Latin:  Review I, p. 49, ex. 1c

7/8:  Latin  CAESAR play!!   Study your lines, and know what they mean in today’s English.  We will concentrate on the first part of the play tomorrow.  history:  Open Constitution test today.  No HW tonight, other than to think about a Constitutional Topic Essay for the weekend, but the assignment comes home tomorrow afternoon, for weekend completion

———->parentēs, our play will be held on March 26th, 6:30 PM, unless events warrant a postponement.  Stay tuned here for more information<—————

Here’s a little Caesar fun:  a bit confused on which Caesar, but still great.  2 points for each error in the sketch!  

 Our play will be held on 3/26!!

Something for  Brutus + Anthony: 

Here y’go, Marc Anthony!

Dies Iovis, XIII Februarius MMXX (Thursday, 13 February 2020)


(BTW, not to speak ill of Jason Robards, but this is the single WORST performance of Brutus I’ve ever seen…)



Here’s a recording of part of the play.  Start at 17 minutes, 40 seconds for our play, Act 2, scene 2.

Act 3, scene 1, at the capitol.  (After Artemidoros’ scene)


Here you go, Antony!  Don’t mind the Elizabethan costumes, remember, they were a mash-up of Roman and Shakespeare’s times.