Mrs. Dickerson’s Classroom

Friday, dies Veneris, XVIII Octobris MMXIX

3/4th:  Bible:  finish worksheet 4.4

history:  finish workbook page 11 (questions 7-10 require a map, so it’s ok to leave them until we get to class on Monday)


5/6th:  do STUDY GUIDE wkbk p. 28-29.  We will review Monday, TEST ch 2 TUESDAY!

Latin:  students should be up to text exercise 3E and worksheet activity 3D on their syllabus!  Don’t forget to study vocab! (Achoo!)


7/8th: history:  Please read the history project sheet that came out today.  We will be working on it for the next few weeks, doing most of our work in class in  order to leave time for the project for home.  PLEASE NOTE:  this is NOT cooking a new recipe.  It IS learning a colonial skill, and using a new recipe to SHOWCASE this skill.  There are many examples on the sheet, so please read through the whole thing.


For example: • learn to use a Dutch oven over a campfire, baking bread in the dutch oven as proof of the skill.  

            • learn to sew a mob cap or apron by hand.

            •learn to chop and split wood by hand, use results to make a (tiny) log cabin using actual skills (albeit in miniature)

             •  check this out—making candles with a mold.  Townsends is a great place for skills and information!


Latin:  continue working, see yesterday’s HW.


Thursday, dies Iovis, XVII Octobris MMXIX

3/4th:  Bible:  took a quiz on the OT books, do 4.3 tonight, 4.4 tomorrow.

History (from yesterday) finish workbook pages 8+9 


5/6th:  read up to p 54, so p 27 in workbook


7/8th:  CHAPTER 2 HISTORY TEST tomorrow!  We will review before the test.  Make sure you’ve finished the chapter review in the textbook.

Latin I:  working in syllabus.  

Latin II:  quiz on chapter Monday.

Latin III:  working through ch 19 syllabus

Latin IV:  finish Hercules puppets this week, write puppet play and rehearse.


Wednesday, dies mercurii, XVI Octobris MMXIX

3/4th:  Bible:  study books of the Old Testament in order for QUIZ THURS!  Yes, that’s tomorrow!

history:  finish workbook pages 8+9 on primary/secondary sources.


5/6th:  history:  read pp. 46-49 in textbook

Latin:  none (but ch 3 translations were due yesterday)


7/8:  history:  finish ch 2 Review in complete sentences.  We worked on it in class, and most finished.  We will review tomorrow, TEST on FRIDAY.

Latin I:  working on  ch 2 syllabus, finish notes on the first page.

Latin II:  working on syllabus

Latin II:  working on ch 19 syllabus.

Latin IV:  finish paper bag puppets of your paragraphs (The 12 Labors of Hercules) in class.