Mrs. Bessire 7-8

Please note that I am adding the assignments at the beginning of the week.  Sometimes, things do not go as planned or I have made a mistake and so will update this page as soon as I can when things are changed.  I have created a folder which contains all the assignments for the current quarter (see below).

Math 7- Past Assignments can be downloaded below

**Chapter 8 Test on Friday, Feb 14

Monday, Feb 10: Page 177 (a-d, 1-12 A)

Tuesday, Feb 11: Pages 178-9 (1-9 A)

Wednesday, Feb 12: Pages 180-1 (a-f, 1-5 A, 1-22 A)

Thursday, Feb 13: Pages 182-3 (1-33 A)

Friday, Feb 14: No Homework

To help 7th graders with dividing fractions

Math 8- Past Assignments can be downloaded below

** Chapter 7 Test on Wednesday, Feb 26

Monday, Feb 10: Wksh 79, 81

Tuesday, Feb 11: Pages 158-9 (a-f, 1-20 A, Review)

Wednesday, Feb 12: Pages 160-1 (a-f, 1-23 Odds)

Thursday, Feb 13: Page 163 (a-g, 1-23 A)

Friday, Feb 14: Page 165 (1-30 A)


For 8th grade students interested in shadowing a student at NFA, please use the following link to request a time to do this:

**Wednesday, Jan 15:  NFA will come to WCS to walk 8th graders through the registration process.

**Thursday, Jan 30:  Registrations for NFA due

**Tuesday, March 3:  NFA will come to WCS to test all 8th graders for placement in classes.

**Testing for NFA’s Honor’s math classes will be held on March 28 (at NFA), April 2 (at NFA), and March 31 (at Voluntown).  Students will be invited to register for one of these times.

Life Science Homework

** Chapter 3.1 Test will be on Wednesday, Feb 19

Life Science Helps

  • Students have vocabulary cards and notes for each section of the chapters as well as answers for section questions.  Worksheets also have been sent home which were completed and corrected in class.
  • Quizlet is a great resource for studying.
  • Here is a class link on Quizlet which I created and have put others study guides for Life Science in a folder:
  • Here is a link to help the students to learn Psalm 139. It has the Psalm to music: