Mrs. Bessire 5-6

Please note that I am adding the assignments at the beginning of the week.  Sometimes, things do not go as planned or I have made a mistake and so will update this page as soon as I can when things are changed. I have created a folder which contains the homework assignments for the current quarter.  (See below each math grade’s assignments.)

Math 5

** Test Friday, Dec 13

Monday, Dec 2: Pages 106-7 (a-g, 1-40 A)

Tuesday, Dec 3: Snow Day

Wednesday, Dec 4: Pages 108-9 (a-c, 1-23 A, Review)

Thursday, Dec 5: Pages 110-111 (a, d, 1-14 A, 16-28 E, Review- All)

Friday, Dec 6: Pages 113 (c, 1-21 Odds, Review- All)

Help for multiplying multi-digits numbers

Math 6

** Test Thursday, Dec 19

Monday, Dec 2: Page 106-7 (1-2)

Tuesday, Dec 3: Snow Day

Wednesday, Dec 4: Pages 106-7 (a-c, 1-8 A)

Thursday, Dec 5: Pages 108-9 (a-e, 1-15 A, Review)

Friday, Dec 6: Page 111 (a-f, 1-7 A)

Fun video to help with long division

Science 6

** Test Wednesday, December 18 on Chapter 3

In our new chapter, we will be learning about the cell and at home, students will be creating a cell project which will be worth as much as a test grade. Cell Projects are due Monday, December 16. Below is the file containing more information about the project including a grading rubric.

Homework:  Cell Project due Monday, Dec 16- Counts as a Test Grade

 Here is a link to Quizlet to help students study.  It doesn’t have everything on the test, but will be a help.